Friday, January 10, 2014

Schedule and Rules (modified 1-12)

Welcome to the Junior High League for Chess - Twin Cities Division

 WT - Washington Tech in St. Paul
 NSJ - Nellie Stone Johnson in Mpls
 FH - Friendly Hills in Mendota Heights
 FA - Farnsworth Aerospace in St. Paul


Jan 25 - First Covenant Church 1280 Arcade (Arcade & Hyacinth)
     Rounds 1 - 3 Team listed first is white on boards 1-3-5
     8:45 Intro and rules 9:55 Rd 1, 10:00 Rd 2, 11:05 Rd 3

RD 1 RD 2 RD 3
WT vs NSJ FH vs WT WT vs FA
FH vs FA FA vs NSJ NSJ vs FH

Feb 1 - Friendly Hills Middle School, 701 Mendota Hgts Rd (Mendota Hgts Rd & Huber Dr)
     Rounds 4 - 6 Team listed first is white on boards 1-3-5
     8:45 Rd 1, 9:50 Rd 2, 10:55 Rd 3 12:00

RD 4 RD 5 RD 6
WT vs FH FA vs WT NSJ vs WT
NSJ vs FA FH vs NSJ FA vs FH

March 1 Playoffs at Metcalf for only the top team from this division!

March 29-30 State Championship for Jr Hi and High School at St. Catherine's University. Awards from the league will be presented at the conclusion of this tournament.


Rules are USCF rules. All games must be notated (moves recorded) by both players. A clock will be used on all games. Each player will have 30 minutes with a 5 second delay. (We could run over an hour by 7 minutes on a 40 move game or by 15 on an 80 move game, but with only 10 games we are more likely to finish early. So I think we'll be OK with this time control.)

Touch move - if you touch a piece with the intent to move it you must move it if you can legally do so. If this means you have to block check with your queen, so be it. If you touch an opponent's piece with your hand or your piece with intent to capture, you must capture. A player is not required to say check. The three-move repetition rule will be enforced. Press the clock with the same hand that moved your piece. No kibbitzing, verbal or otherwise - penalty will be forfeit of 1 point from your team score that round. If you have a question or issue, raise your hand. No one will remind you to press your clock or notify you if you have an illegal position on the board. You must be aware of these yourself.

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