Monday, February 3, 2014

Some Interesting Positions From Feb 1

#1 Here Seth from Farnsworth, playing white, missed a good move against Anton from Friendly Hills. Friendly Hills went on to win this math 3-2, so this game decided the match. Anton checkmated Seth 4 moves later.

#2. In this next position, Eric from Nellie Stone Johnson playing black comes up with a way to save his minor pieces.

#3. In the same game  a few moves later, Eric was faced with the following position. He chose Re7 with the intent of doubling up his rooks - normally a good idea. But there's a better move here for Black.

#4. In the board 1 game between the two top teams, Thomas from Friendly Hills had just move his bishop to d5 holding back the knight and attacking the a-pawn. How should Chinu protect the a-pawn?

#5. Here, Elise from Farnsworth playing black on Board 2,  has sewn up her 6th straight win. But what is the best plan to win?

#6. Josh Philips has the chance to get the upper hand against Bobby Fraser. Bobby has just castled long. What should White play?

#7. Same game a few moves later. What should White do?


#1. Seth missed Bb6#

#2. Eric found Ne5! Anton can't take the Bishop because of Nxf3+ with (not NxQ?) Qxh2# next.
Another solution is Be5 which threatens mate and gives the knight time to escape. After 1. ... Be5 White can't play f4 because of QxQ, but 2. Rd1 seems to allow survival (not Re1 lest Bxh2+ with a discovered attack followed by RxR#) but 2. ... Bxh2+! 3. Kh1 Bg3+! 4. Kg1 Qh2+ 5.Kf1 Qxf2#

#3. 1. ... Rxe4 2. fxe4 Bxf2+ 3. Rxf2 (if Kh1 Qxe4#) Qxf2+ 4. Kh1 Qf1#

#4. Chinu doesn't have to protect it. If Thomas takes it, Chinu simply plays b3, then Kb2 and the bishop i dead. Look up the first game of the Fischer-Spassky match for a similar position where Fischer lost by taking the pawn.

#5. Right now the White King cannot get past the third rank because of the pawns guarding the light squares and the knight guarding the dark squares. So use your other piece to invade. Advance the King to the center, to e5. Then attack the b pawn with the knight (to d8 then c6). Finally when the White King is over towards the b file advance the f-pawn for a trade and queen the g pawn.

#6. 1. Nxf6 gxf6 2. Nxf7 fork! (Alternate solution - 1. Nxf7 fork! 2. Qxf7 Nxb6+! 3. axb6 Bxf7

#7. This is complicated, but I think the best choice is 1. Nxd8 Rxf1+ 2. Rxf1 Nxf1? 3. Be6!!

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