Monday, February 2, 2015

Positions from Jan 31 and next meet

Saturday's Meet

Next matches are Feb 28. 2015. Meet at 8:45 at First Covenant Church in St. Paul 1280 Arcade. (3 blks North of Maryland) When entering the building from the parking lot, turn left on the sidewalk before you enter the building and head toward the triple doors to the south.

Rd 4 Capitol Hill vs Seward, Farnsworth A vs Friendly Hills, Farnsworth B vs Breck
Rd 5 Seward vs Breck, Friendly Hills vs Farnsworth B, Capitol Hill vs Farnsworth A
Rd 6 Team 1 vs 4, 2 vs 3 and 5 vs 6.

After 6 rounds the top 2 teams advance to the league playoffs at Metcalf in Burnsville on March 21. Top teams are determined by match record, then total points for the tiebreaker. If still tied it goes down to how they did head-to-head.

Here are some positions from Jan 31.

Here Oscar Halvorson of Friendly Hills, playing White has a chance to put away Noah Muller from Seward on board 4. Oscar almost got it right, but couldn't quite finish it. What should he have done?
This is how the game progressed, Oscar playing wonderfully.
1. Qg6+! Kh8
2. Qxh6+ Kg8
3. Nxg5 Ne5
...but then he couldn't find the next move. What should he have played?
That knight on e5 is messing up everything. Just take it! Bxe5 with multiple threats of checkmate.The game continued 4. Qh7+ Kf8
Oscar can still win. How?
Oscar played 5. Bxf7?  but 5. Bxe5 still wins. Qd7 is the only move that staves off mate 6. Qh8+ Ke7 7. Bf6#

Problem #2 Dineth Altmann of Farnsworth missed what I thought was the easiest path to victory for Black. What move would guarantee an easy win?

I thought 1. ...   Qf6+
                2. Kh5 Qg7 makes it easy to pick off the dangerous pawn.
But he played 1. ... Qf5+ 2. Kg7  Now normally a pawn on h7 and the King guarding h8 is a draw for White, but Dineth's King is close enough to get the win. How?
2. ... Qf6+ 3. Kg8 Ke6! 3. h8(Q) Qf7#! Matthias could have asked for a knight, but Black could still win quickly. How?
3. h8(N) Qh6 4. Nf7 Qg6+ 5. Kh8 Qf6+ (taking the knight with either piece results in stalemate)
6. Kg8 Qxf6+ and the rest is straightforward.

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